Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sleeping In The Back Seat...

I know there are several who follow me on Facebook, so pardon the redundancy. However, for those who've not seen it, when I woke this morning, laying there in bed, this thought came to me, and I shared it (in abbreviated form, of course) on my Facebook:Remember riding in the back seat of the car as a kid? Especially on late-night trips, you could just fall asleep and leave the driving to Dad, feeling secure that you would wake up in your own bed, safely at home. If only we could learn to live like that in the Spirit—feeling secure in our Father's strength, and knowing we'll wake up safely Home at the end of the trip.

Someone has asked (many times) on a particular forum that I’m a part of:
"What is the Spirit saying to the Church?" I can't say exactly what the Spirit is saying to the Church (kind of difficult for me to say, since I'm not even involved in full-time ministry right now) but I can tell you what the Spirit has been saying to me: "Leave the driving to me. Leave the trip home to Me. Rest easy on the journey, because I'm still here, and I'm still in control."

I admit that, in the past couple years, I've run the gamut of emotions concerning spiritual matters. I've no doubt that, whom God uses, He will prove, and I've heard it said that any man who was used of God at one time or another would go through a "wilderness experience". I also know, however, that God hasn't moved from where He was; if anyone's position has changed, it had to be mine.

The first thing that crossed my mind this morning was that I should quit trying to give God directions, and just curl up and sleep, knowing that He still knows where I'm at, and He still knows what's best...whether I understand it or not. The old song says,
"We'll understand it better by and by..." but I'm not sure we will. I'm not sure we'll care, actually.

What matter is, God is still in control, and it doesn't matter how many times I yell backseat directions to Him, He's piloting the ship, and He knows the way home. Job said
"I've looked in all directions and can't see a sign of Him...but I promise you this: He knows the way that I'm going."

Once upon a time, Jesus went below deck, curled up on a pillow, and left the piloting to His disciples. Now, though, He's got the wheel, and it's your turn to relax, and leave the piloting to Him.

Rest easy... He's still at the wheel, and we're almost Home.