Monday, September 14, 2009

Samson's Last Request

Samson's final request was for vengeance. He could have asked for restoration, but he chose vengeance: "Avenge me this once of my two eyes...". As a result, he died with an enemy he had fought bitterly against for much of his short life.

Who knows what great things he might've accomplished had he sought restoration of his anointing, instead of revenge for his blindness? A blindness that was brought about by his own carnality, lust, and self-reliance.

Is your desire merely for revenge against an enemy that has taken something from you? Are you simply out for one final, but hollow, victory over an adversary that has bound you, taunted your anointing, mocked your ministry?

Or are you seeking restoration to the anointing and power that ultimately brought about all your previous victories?

Do you want revenge? Or revival?

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