Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Worship Is Your Weapon

Anybody can pick up a sword and swing it at an imaginary enemy; anyone can practice "kata" (the motions and techniques used in martial arts) without stepping into a ring against an opponent; and pretty much anyone can pick up a rifle and shoot at tin cans. 

Anyone can worship when things are going well.

When you worship in the face of adversity, however, you put the sword to use against an adversary; you step into a ring of combat against an enemy.

Suddenly it's no longer easy; suddenly it's no longer just practice; suddenly, you're faced with a host of reasons why you SHOULDN'T worship. But worship in the face of adversity is a weapon of devastating destruction. Satan cannot stop worship. Hell cannot thwart the power of praise. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, NOTHING can stop the power of your worship! It is a spiritual force that all the powers of Hell and darkness tremble at. A child of God who can worship when life has turned upside down is a formidable foe.

I doubt there's a single sermon that's ever been preached—anywhere, by any preacher—that caused Hell to tremble; but let the least-known saint of God begin to call on the Name of the LORD, and every devil in Hell begins to scream in fear.

Worship. It's the best—yet probably the least-used—weapon in your spiritual arsenal. Use it!

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