Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obedience Is Better...

Reading 1 Samuel ch. 10-15 and found myself sitting there and actually weeping at such a tragic conclusion of Saul. What promise, what potential, what a powerful leader of God's people he could have been! Separated and set apart by God Himself, Saul had all the earmarks of an anointed leader, yet he allowed his position to eclipse his potential.

Man of God, let it never be said of you that "God hath rejected him" because God anointed you at one time to lead His people, and you elevated yourself to a place never intended for you. Saul started off with the right spirit - humility, meekness, and submission to the spiritual authority in his own life (Samuel, the prophet of God) - but he soon elevated himself to that oh-so-treacherous place where he no longer felt he needed to answer to spiritual leadership.

I've been a pastor before, and may be again someday should God elect, but I pray I will always keep myself submitted to those above me, firstly to God, and then to those spiritual authorities, leaders, and elders whom God sets over my life and ministry. The recurring theme that I find here in the life of Saul is "Obedience is better.." Saul's position as king over Israel never gave him the liberty to step into a role that God had not appointed him to, yet he took it upon himself to perform those duties that were set apart for Samuel, the prophet of God.

Ladies and gentlemen, it matters not how much God may anoint, appoint, or use you in a specific office, be it Pastor, Bishop, or Janitor; we are all subject to the ordinances of God and MUST be submitted to the spiritual authority over us. This spirit of insubordination will absolutely destroy an individual, a family, or an entire congregation. God has set things in order, and it is never our place to supplant or avoid the path of spiritual leadership that God has ordained.

God loves an obedient heart, and He will bless the obedient life.

Just thinking out loud on a Thursday morning...

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