Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thank God for Ignorance

Used to be a time when I prided myself on having a bit of a "connection"; all the latest goings-on of this grand organization of which I'm a part were easily discovered by just keeping an ear close to the ground, and a couple of phone numbers on "speed-dial".

In recent years, the few "inside tracks" that I once had have all but disconnected themselves, or have lost their inside connections, or just simply lost interest in all the political maneuverings. They have chosen, instead, to focus their attention on the more crucial aspects of reaching the lost.

Now there's an idea.

How did we get to such a point as we find ourselves today? How did we shift our focus from reaching a lost and dying world, bound by sin and headed for hell, to our current state of personal agendas and private politics?

In my most recent blog, I made mention of prayer having the ability to cause the Will of God to be done. The simple truth of the matter is that prayer still works; prayer can still give us divine direction and allow us to know and understand the Will of the Lord for this church.

The problem is that some have either ceased praying, or they "pray" with a closed mind. "God, this is what we need, and this is how we want you to do it." Some are so busy seeking fire and brimstone to fall on those who oppose them that they scarcely have time to ask God what He wants. Of course, some are so certain of having the mind of God that they know better than God does what is best for all.

After all, how did this church get to such a grand state as it is now without our leadership?

Hmmm....could there be a connection?

When, in the name of the Lord, will we cease and desist from all these trivial pursuits and wrangling for power? Almost rhetorically I ask, will we ever be able to re-focus our attention on the things that matter most? Is God going to have a church that bears children as a result of a passionate relationship with Him? Or are we going to turn into the proverbial nagging shrew that only complains about the way things are being done around the house?

God help us all.

We need a revival.

I'm not talking about a harvest of souls, or a series of meetings. We need a revival.

We need to forgive one another, pray for one another, help one another. We need to cease and desist these silly arguments about who's doing what, why they did it, who stole someone's position, saint, musician, assistant pastor, etc.

Here's a thought: if your brother does something unethical, perhaps you should pray for him instead of running to a board member somewhere and filing a complaint. We have become infected with the litigious spirit of modern society. And it reeks of sour discontent and childish self-centeredness.

With every moment we spend arguing amongst ourselves about infantile issues and petty politics, countless souls race headlong into a godless eternity filled with pain, torment and misery.

Thank God for ignorance. We need more of it. We need men who earnestly and openly seek the will of God for the leadership of this organization. And then remove their hands from that duly-appointed leadership and trust God to lead the leaders.

Our leadership is filled with good men, godly men, men who (I choose to believe, anyway) sincerely want the best for this organization. Men who have a burden to reach our lost world, pulling them from the flames of hell and darkness before Eternity snatches them away. These men do not need our criticism, questions, or sarcastic wit; they need our prayers and support.

So what if they do things a bit differently than I would? If I pray---I'm not talking about a "God help us all" prayer; I'm talking about fervent and sincere prayer, humbling myself before God---prior to casting my ballot, and then submit myself and my will to whatever the outcome is, then I should keep my mouth shut and my knees bent for those men whom God has placed in positions of authority.

But it has become so difficult for us to crucify this flesh, with all its agendas and personal desires and ideas of what is right and best. It's much easier to tear something down from the inside out; the only problem is, when we tear it down, it comes right down on top of us.

The older I get, and the more removed from all the goings-on, the more grateful I am for ignorance. I no longer care to know who's in what position, how he/she got elected, or if they're doing everything "the right way" (which is usually interpreted "the way I would do it"). God help me to pray, cast my lot, and accept the outcome as the Will of God. And then support whomever is there with my prayers and faithfulness.

Sometimes, to get God, you've got to get ignorant. Ignorant of the things around you; ignorant of the temptations of this earth; ignorant of the political posturing of other men who have agendas they're trying to promote.

Thank God for ignorance. It's more of a blessing than I ever realized.

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