Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We Ain't Still The Acts 2 Church

"This church was born in a blaze of glory with outsiders wondering what in the world was going on. I think if they ain't still wonderin', we ain't still the Acts 2 church. Just my 'pinion."

Thus, my response to someone who accused our modern-day worship in Pentecostal churches of being a "learned response" rather than a genuine reaction to God's Presence.

I cannot tell you of a certainty how they worshipped in the book of Acts; I can tell you, however, that something was happening at the onset of the Holy Ghost experience that caused the onlookers to accuse them of being drunk.

I've never wondered if a man was inebriated just because he was carrying on a quiet conversation in a corner of the room. I've never pondered the idea that some sharp-dressed, charismatic, energetic guy might be a bit tipsy just because he dressed nicely, or spoke enthusiastically about what interested him.

Drunks get sloppy. Drunks get foolish. Drunks get carried away. Drunks get laughed at; they become the brunt of jokes; sometimes folks even take advantage of their inebriated condition. Drunks are anything but reserved.

The problem with a lot of so-called "apostolic" churches is they've become too mainstream to do all that "charismatic" worship anymore. They want to enjoy the benefits of God's power, but don't want to get their hair messed up in the process. They want to wear their six-button suits and look like they stepped out of some fashion magazine, and God forbid that He move on them to actually worship like a drunk. Well, now...that just wouldn't be becoming a "man of Gawd".

Pardon me for preaching a minute, but you don't plug into a 440-volt line without getting jolted in the process. And you don't plug into God's power without something happening. Prayer doesn't necessarily mean power. Praise doesn't necessarily mean power. But let somebody hook up with God...something's gonna move!

Rev. Wayne Huntley said it best: "We Ain't Drunk As We 'Posed To Be".

I'm all for balance, and I've had to deal with some of these heebie-jeebie crossover charismatics that brought their style with them, but don't give me some dead, dried-up, shriveled-up, pew-sittin', hands-folded, "Praise Jesus" churches that just want to sing about being a friend of God. Give me a church that proves God is THEIR friend by the way they worship.

I hate that song. Self-centered, self-promoting, "all about me" song that 90% of people who sing don't even realize Jesus said "...and ye are my friends if you do whatsoever I command you."

That's what's wrong with so many churches today; it's become all about them and their relationship with God. What about God's relationship with them?

Concerning Abraham, God said to Himself, "Shall I hide that thing which I do?...for I know him...."

Wonder how many of our churches God says that about today?

It ain't Hell that I'm worried about knowing who I am; I just want God to know.

So much for my early morning rant. I'll have my coffee now...

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