Monday, February 04, 2013

Gracious Words...

Just as food doesn't have to be presented on the finest china in order to create a good meal, so also the Word of God doesn't have to be presented in eloquent format in order to vital and nourishing to the hungry heart.

Presentation, however, can make a world of difference in how that meal—or Message—is received. The man of God should never, EVER feel carefree or cavalier about his presentation of God's Word; to be entrusted with the delivery of God's Word is the highest calling man could ever be given, and the man who takes that calling, and delivery, lightly with no forethought of how he performs in his duty, is a man who has no true realization of the task he has been given.

Those who approach the delivery of their message with the thought, "I'm just the vessel..." need to realize how true that statement is: You ARE the vessel; as such, you should always strive to be a vessel of honor, and never one to dishonor God or His Word by poor, unprepared, or cheap presentation.

While preaching is not—and never SHOULD be—considered a "competitive sport", we should always strive to present this Truth in our finest form, with "gracious words", as Jesus Himself did. Your presentation may determine whether that message from God is accepted or rejected.

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