Monday, February 11, 2013

It's About Time

Many people have absolutely no problem giving God their heart, their finances, even their children. Giving Him your time, however, is another story altogether.

Relationships are built on time and communication, however, and the unique thing about a positive, close relationship is that, the more time you spend with that person, the more you communicate with them, the more you enjoy it, the more you desire to. 

Study the lives of the great men of God throughout the Scriptures—both Old and New Testaments—and the one common denominator with those who had that "special" relationship with God: Time.

Abraham comes to mind, because he was personally referred to by God as "Abraham, my friend". David was personally referred to by God as "a man after mine own heart". Although he made an egregious error and displeased God, Moses still pleased God enough to merit one-on-one conversations with God, was allowed to look upon God, and ultimately earned a special burying place that only God knew.

Plenty of us—and I did say "US"—will grace a church pew on Sundays, will faithfully give of our finances, and have (or will) dedicate our homes, our children, our families to God. But the longer I live, the more I become convinced that the true Bride of Christ is going to be made up of those who long to be with Him, who crave spending time with Him, who cherish those hours of prayer and communication with God. 

God is not looking for a "marriage of convenience", ladies and gentlemen; He desires a Bride whose desire is toward Him, a Bride that will spend time being with Him, not just enjoy the benefits of His Name. 

If you want to enjoy that special, unique relationship with God, it all boils down to time. How much you're willing to give Him will determine how well you know Him, and how well He knows you. 

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