Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let's (Not) Get Physical...

In the beginning, when God was creating the worlds and all that was in them, He looked at Adam and plainly noted, "It is not good for man to be alone. I will make him a help [companion] meet [suitable] for him."

God then placed Adam into a "deep sleep", and from Adam's own flesh, God created the woman, Eve.

This passage alone should be scriptural proof enough that God never intended to engage in acts of physical intimacy with His creation. 

While I understand the professions of love and adoration that many of today's Christian songwriters are trying to express, it still bothers me that in today's society, so many are attempting to turn our relationship with God into something that is corporeal, even slightly lascivious, carnal.

God loves His creation, ladies and gentlemen; that doesn't mean He is interested in becoming your supernatural boyfriend. The "Bride of Christ" that is mentioned in Scripture is made up of countless born-again Christians, and there is no act of physical intimacy that takes place between the Holy Spirit and a single physical human being. This includes "laying back against [Him] and breathing" or "dancing with [Him] in a field of grace" (or any other foliage, for that matter).

I also find it interesting to note that Jesus—the physical manifestation of the Almighty God—dearly loved His friends, yet throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus never failed to keep the line of separation clearly drawn, making Himself distinct from His followers. "Ye call me Lord, and ye do well, for so I am..." The twelve whom He personally called were His disciples, His followers; He referred to them as His friends, while stipulating "...if ye do whatsoever I command you." (Most of us would have serious issues with someone who told us we could be considered their "friend" only if we did whatever they told us!)

Today's society is so far removed from a true understanding of adoration that it is difficult for many to wrap their mind around the idea of "loving" someone, yet simultaneously holding that person in a position of high esteem, superiority, reverence. 

Yet we simply MUST hold God in the highest position of reverence and honor, and cease trying to bring Him down to a carnal level where we can express our love in some base manner that He never intended.

He alone is God, the Holy and Faithful King of Kings, and we should never attempt to bring Him down to our level, when He went to such great lengths to call us up to His.

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